Auto Lisboa Garage London

Situated in London, Auto Lisboa offers an extensive range of motor services ensuring we are a one stop shop for all your motoring needs. CALL TODAY 020 7229 0841
Full Servicing and Repairs We Supply & Fit Clutches, Brake, Exhausts, Suspension, Shockers, Timing Belts, Wheel Bearings - Everything to keep your car on the road! CALL TODAY 020 7229 0841
High Level Service We take great pride in our work delivering a fast, friendly and customer focused high level service. CALL TODAY 020 7229 0841


All mechanical, bodywork and electrical repairs available for all makes of cars. We also deal direct with Insurance Companies providing quotes and making available vehicles for their inspection. PLEASE CALL 020 7229 0841 FOR MORE INFO.

Full Servicing

You should Fully Service your car every 12,000mls or every year. Servicing you car will help to reduce the risk of breakdown.

Interim Service

You should have an Interim Service between Full Services, usually every 6,000 miles or 6 months. Interim servicing is great for vehicles used for short journeys or for vehicles with a high mileage.

M.O.T Test

To book your card in for an M.O.T, simply call us now on 020 7229 0841


You should have you breaks checked on a regular basis to ensure the braking system is maintained and operating at optimum levels. Over time, brakes and their performance deteriorate and often go unnoticed as the change is gradual. With our break service we will ensure they are safe and optimal.

General Repairs

Whether it's a battery you need or a bulb, we offer a variety of general repairs. Just call us for a FREE quote

Call 020 7229 0841 now for a FREE quote.